Dynamic Strategies for




Two intensive days of results-driven

realistic and joined-up answers to today’s 

high-paced world of fragmented change

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20-21 November 2019


28-29 November 2019

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90-second animated brochure

 30-minute taster webinar

Change is accelerating and fragmenting, fast

This workshop is for everyone 

who needs a joined-up view of change…  

joined-up goals, architectures, requirements, methods

Markets transform and customer choices evolve 

faster than many enterprises are capable of changing

yet slower than others would prefer

The acceleration of change is outside-in

Global developments are exploding the volume 

and diversity of ideas for change, while people are 

dividing-up changes into small and low-risk deliveries

Fragmented change is both a trend and a choice

Eight inter-related workshop sessions  

How to be excellent at investing in change (see EIPMM®)

As many real-world challenges as we can answer in the time

Two days

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Workshop Objectives

Bring your specific challenges with you

These are the top-five general objectives

Create joined-up outcomes

from a diversity of ideas and initiatives

Use one goals-driven and dynamic 

Change Portfolio

Map your Investment Culture and Process

and fix any significant gaps

Transform your enterprise

in-sync with the market

Grow the impact and value 

of your change-related capabilities

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The Workshop

Day One

How to Be Excellent at Investing in Change

A tried-and-tested Investment Strategy for change

Why some changes work better than others

The six ingredients of joined-up change

Culture Cooks-Up and Eats the Changes You Invest In

Start here: diagnose and map the Investment Culture

Your culture’s personality, maturity and impact on results

How to fix an underperforming culture

Turning Ideas into Outcomes at Market-Speed

The Investment Process at the heart of your enterprise

Using Speed-to-Outcomes to drive momentum

Working with multi-speed methods for implementing change

Priority Goals, Dynamic Choices, Efficient Investments

The four generations of Change Portfolio

From initiatives-driven to goals-driven change, and beyond

Prioritise goals, then invest in the best mix of ideas

Day Two

Transforming In-Sync with the Market

The three architectures:  market, enterprise, business

Outcomes you need from transformational change

Why it’s essential to invest in Structural Performance

People Create Outcomes from Change

Who is driving your Portfolio Performance?

Creating shared outcomes from self-governing changes

How to manage diverse probabilities of success

Joined-Up Capabilities for Joined-Up Outcomes

How your enterprise achieves more than the sum of its silos

The dream-team capabilities for joined-up change

Enterprise Architects + Change Portfolio Managers + Business Analysts

Your Enterprise:  What Next?

What’s already working, what to focus on now

The to-do list:  technical, political, cultural?

Choosing your next wave of results-driven interventions

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Workshop Leader

The workshop is led by Chris Potts

Chris is a practitioner, mentor and trainer

a professional speaker and author

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