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Chris has worked with people in
many countries

United Kingdom USA China
Canada Germany France
Denmark Italy Japan
India Norway Belgium
Australia Ireland Netherlands
Qatar United Arab Emirates New Zealand
Thailand Hungary Sweden
Luxembourg Switzerland
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Chris is a Corporate Strategist
specializing in Enterprise Investment

He works with people around the world growing the value they deliver through Innovation, Investing in Change, Enterprise Architecture, and IT. 

He is also a charismatic and provocative speaker, and the author of the world's only trilogy of business novels, The FruITion Trilogy.


As an experienced and dedicated mentor, Chris works hands-on with CIOs, their executive colleagues, Enterprise Architects and Project Portfolio Managers.

He helps them to deliver
exceptional results, astonishingly fast, in diverse industries, countries and cultures.


As a charismatic and provocative speaker and facilitator, Chris delivers conference keynotes, public and private workshops, and visiting lectures on:

Enterprise Investment
The Four Generations of CIO Strategy
Driving Business Performance with Enterprise Architecture
Breakthrough Strategies for IT Leadership
Chris Potts Keynote LAC Conference 2013
  The FruITion Trilogy  
FruITion Creating the Ultimate Corporate Strategy for Information Technology
RecrEAtion Realizing the Extraordinary Contribution of Your Enterprise Architects
DefrICtion Unleashing Your Enterprise to Create Value from Change








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