The world’s first-ever trilogy of business novels

What started as a scenario story, about Enterprise Investment emerging

from IT leadership, became the FruITion Trilogy of business novels …..

Creating the ultimate corporate

strategy for Information Technology

Realizing the extraordinary contribution

of your Enterprise Architects

Unleashing your enterprise

to create value from change



What happens when corporate strategists decide to take over the IT agenda,

ignore all the orthodoxies, and use it ways that the IT specialists never imagined?

Narrated by CIO Ian Taylor, FruITion begins the evolution of IT leadership into Enterprise Investment, including:

- the creation of a basic goals-driven portfolio for IT-related investments

- defining the next-generation challenge for the CIO

- recognition that something may need to change in the organizational culture…

Look out for Simon the IT architect - he becomes the narrator of RecrEAtion

FruITion is available in print, e-book and audiobook formats

FruItion Two:  RecrEAtion


Who, in truth, are the architects of your enterprise? 

Simon Rathbone, Enterprise Architect, takes over as the trilogy’s narrator, revealing how to integrate Enterprise Architecture with mainstream business management, drive structural innovations, and enhance the enterprise’s performance:

- measuring the architectural performance of your enterprise

- experiences-oriented Enterprise Architecture

- creating the structural foundations for Enterprise Investment

Simon’s CEO is his unexpected mentor, sending him around the world to re-discover EA

RecrEAtion is available in print, e-book and audiobook formats

FruITion Three:  DefrICtion


DefrICtion is available in print, e-book and audiobook formats

How can we best inspire people to deliver as much value as they can from all the changes we invest in?

CEO Michael F. Rodgers narrates the trilogy’s conclusion.  Starting with a hard-to-believe business case for a transformation project, he and his inner-circle are faced with achieving a breakthrough strategy for their investments in change:

- diagnosing and changing the organization’s Investment Culture

- a Boardroom strategy for Enterprise Investment, with a Chief Officer to lead it

- an Investment Process and Change Portfolio driven by outcomes and probabilities.

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