Portfolio Management


from projects-driven

to goals-driven

investment in change


27-28 February 2019


4-5 April 2019


17-18 April 2019

25-26 April 2019

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 Intensive Two-Day Training

For Portfolio Managers

Architects and Business Analysts

Organisations that excel at investing in change 

use a goals-driven, agile and efficient portfolio.  

They achieve their goals, at the speed they need to achieve 

them, and with the least-possible risks and resources.

A projects-driven portfolio is the start of a journey towards 

truly excellent performance.  Each step grows your 

organisation’s maturity as an investor in change, and 

multiplies the value of your portfolio management capabilities:

Portfolio Managers, Architects, and Business Analysts.

This practical and immersive workshop shows you 

how to transform, step-by-step, your 

portfolio, process and culture for investing in change.

Learning Objectives

Benchmark the maturity of your 

Change Portfolio

Design and use a 

goals-driven portfolio

Recognise and transform a 

projects-driven investment culture

Make agile and efficient 

investment choices

Multiply the value of your

portfolio management capabilities

The Workshop

Day One

Achieving Success at Investing in Change

The two fundamental strategies

Applying investment principles to business change

The Four Generations of Change Portfolio

From implementations and resources, to investments and risks

Which generation is your current portfolio?

Diagnose Your Organisation’s Investment Culture

Why understanding culture is essential for success

Your organisation’s personality and maturity as an investor in change

Design a Goals-Driven Portfolio

Projects-driven or goals-driven:  how to tell the difference

Create a goals-driven portfolio design, for your enterprise and culture

Day Two

Transform Your Projects-Driven Portfolio

Reveal all-new knowledge from existing projects data

A technical, political and cultural journey

Make Agile and Efficient Investments

Embed agility in the portfolio, and in the selection of investments

Minimise the total risks and resources

Track Up-to-Date Portfolio Performance

Target outcomes, probabilities and actuals

Goals-driven portfolio governance

Multiply the Value of Your Portfolio Management

Core capabilities of goals-driven portfolio managers

From informing to supporting, through facilitation to leadership

Workshop Leader

The workshop is led by Chris Potts

Chris is a practitioner, mentor and trainer

a professional speaker and author

Copyright 1999-2019 Dominic Barrow Services Limited.  All Rights Reserved.