chris potts

I work with people in

diverse industries, countries and cultures

growing their company’s performance 

at investing in change

I’m a mentor, and workshop facilitator

wrote The FruITion Trilogy of business novels

and created EIPMM® - the architecture for

success at investing in change

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Executives, Senior Managers

Portfolio Managers and Enterprise Architects

Breakthrough results in just hours or days

Here are some examples of what we’ve achieved

Created an integrated Change Portfolio

for a global group based in 35 countries

Launched a dynamic 3-year growth strategy

by prioritising investment in goals not projects

Discovered that 40% of investment

was in changes the enterprise didn’t need

Designed a flexible 10-year Enterprise Architecture

to guide short and longer-term business innovation

Upgraded how a GBP 200 million charity

invested efficiently in change

Reduced the diversity of a company’s changes by 60% 

to achieve their goals with less risk and more focus

 “I’m in a sprint at the moment, and really appreciate 

the boost of wonderful thinking and energy" 

Chief Officer, global enterprise


Carefully crafted, innovative and concise

Half day and one day in-company events for

the change-related issues you are facing right now

Mouse-over or tap for a summary of what’s covered

For Executives and Senior Managers

Your clear and communicated
strategy for change

The strengths and weaknesses of
your company’s change culture

Using one end-to-end process for
investing in innovation and change

Driving your business plans from
outcomes and milestones

Making flexible, risk-managed investments
in the best mixes of stability and change

Cross-matching with budgets
and capital planning

For Portfolio Managers

Transforming the focus
from projects to outcomes

Using one method-proof portfolio
for all kinds of change

Tracking big-picture goals, risks
and probabilities of success

Which enterprise goals
need more agility?

Specific or systemic agility gaps:
know the difference

Investing in synchronised changes
- people, technologies and finance -

For Enterprise Architects

The ever-growing risks of
fragmented solutions

Creating high impact models
to guide joined-up change

Integrating architecture
with board-level governance

The big-picture enterprise outcomes:
identity, performance and durability

Calculating and interpreting
architectural measures

How architects can most influence
the company’s results

“Inspiring and reassuring”     “Paradigm-shifting”

“Unusual, distinctive, and very high value”


the fruition trilogy

Explore the inter-woven stories of Strategy, 

Portfolio Management, Enterprise Architecture,

Finance, IT and HR, through the eyes of 

three very different people 

CIO, Enterprise Architect, Global CEO




download my

latest series of articles

Transforming Ideas 

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the architecture for success 

at investing in change

After 20 years of working with people worldwide

and encouraged by some of my best business friends

I designed an integrated ‘reference model’ for what

makes an enterprise excellent at investing in change

It looks like this

At its heart is your board-level Change Portfolio

which needs to be goals-driven, dynamic and efficient

It’s also method-proof, which means you can use it to

invest in all kinds of changes (waterfall, agile, etc) 

with one overall strategy, portfolio and culture

and one end-to-end and consistent investment process

If you’d like to explore EIPMM® 

it has its own page

get in touch

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