Chris Potts

 Mentor   Trainer   Speaker

Achieving Your Goals

for Investing in Change

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Worldwide Specialist in

Enterprise Investment

Chris works with people in

diverse countries, cultures and industries

helping them to grow their performance 

as investors in change

 Setting and achieving the investment goals

Choosing the best change portfolio

Using resources efficiently

Taking the least-possible risks

 and architect of the Enterprise Investment

Portfolio Management Method,

Watch the one-minute EIPMM® overview


Working with Executives 

Portfolio Managers and Enterprise Architects

Breakthrough results in just hours or days

Transforming your

Change Portfolio

from projects-driven

to goals-driven

Validating your

Process, Culture 

and Capabilities for

investing in change

Growing your

Portfolio Managers 

expertise in high

performance investment

Developing your 

Enterprise Architects


influence and impact

 "I am in a sprint at the moment, and 

really appreciate the boost of wonderful thinking and energy" 

Chief Officer, global enterprise, Netherlands


Intensive and Interactive Workshops 

for Practitioners and Managers

“Best day in class for 20 years”

“Inspiring and reassuring”


“Unusual, distinctive, and very high value”

 Advanced Portfolio Management

From Projects-Driven to Goals-Driven 

Investment in Change

Next public course:

29-30 November 2018

 Leadership Strategies for Enterprise Architects

Choosing the Interventions 

that Maximise Success

Next public courses:

7-8 November 2018

22-23 November 2018

27-28 November 2018

 Fully-Customised In-Company Training

One-hour executive briefings to multi-day workshops


Professional Speaker and Conference Chair

Investing in Business Change

Transformation and Innovation

From Projects-Driven 

to Goals-Driven

Why We Need

Enterprise Architects

Innovation, Culture and Your 

Change Portfolio

Chris has delivered public and private speeches in


North America:



Middle East:


“Insightful and entertaining”

“An amazing speaker”



The FruITion Trilogy

Explore the inter-woven stories of 

Strategy, Architecture and Investing in Change

plus Finance, IT and HR

through the eyes of three very different people 

- CIO, Enterprise Architect, and Global Chief Executive -


Creating the 

Ultimate Corporate Strategy 

for Information Technology

Realizing the 

Extraordinary Contribution

of Your Enterprise Architects


Your Enterprise to 

Create Value from Change

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